Dear Reader,

It would be unfair to introduce you to Anata'alie without a warning.  Be advised that there is a distance to her that will not be approached.  There is a mystery about her that is attractive (very), that she uses (sometimes), that she cultivates and teases with (yes) ... but she will fly alone.

Always in transit, never arriving, condemned to life without a nest, she suffers from remoteness, from the handicap (if you will), of seeing the world through a writer's eyes.  Like an eagle detaching,  needing distance for perspective, she only trusts her vision when she can focus from afar. Do not be beguiled into taking her warmth personally.

She is French raised in the Mideast,
a world traveler and desert trader
by profession.  English is not her
mother tongue, but she shows
the poet's keenness of expression,
the same untamed attitude, the eagle's
sky-piercing altitude, the angle and
acuity of the raptor's hungry eye.

Despite her expressed wish, it
would be disingenuous to pretend
her beauty not a factor.  Graphic
artist, poet, actor, in her triune
even she would say is the nexus,
    heart and breath.

Collected here, then, some of the
beauty of her Self, and of
selected passages from her Talent. 

Enjoy as I have enjoyed.

As If I Care

To get you is to get to you..
I search, in your eyes, the fuel
To drive my mind to that dream

Your desert has been sold
It is what you said,
And yes, I see no mirages, either..

To get you is to call you
I search in my fingers
The numbers of altruism..

Nothing much, just the prints
    of your id
And so, I shall never get to you
I shall never call you..

And your room gets dark
Just as theirs before you...
I do not do guilt trip anymore nor
The blank page therapy
Be silent, Be absent
Break your own heart
As if I care...
    Rahman, Brigitte Arlette                  
An Open
From the h'Art of Anata'alie
A study in mystery
...before choosing life
before dying